Fowl-Themed Imposter Game Goose Goose Duck Adds Canadian Goose And Silencer Duck

QuintLyn Bowers
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Goose Goose Duck is a farm-bird themed imposter game where players either take on the role of geese in space or the imposters (ducks). As with all imposter games, the goal is for the geese to keep things running and not die while the imposter ducks do everything they can to sabotage their efforts. Unlike other imposter games, Goose Goose Duck offers players a selection of roles that impact gameplay.

The game's most recent update -- dropped last week -- adds another of those roles for the duck side of things, the Silencer. A Silencer can choose to silence someone during a meeting, meaning that if the duck knows it was caught in the act by a goose, they can silence them and prevent them from relaying that information to the rest of the geese. The update also adds some quality of life changes, like chat typing indicators, and the option to let other players know you're not using a mic. It also fixes a bug that had been preventing the 16th player from joining a game.

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