Goose Goose Duck Gets “Hoot & Seek” Mode

Apparently owls are getting in on the action.

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Goose Goose Duck Hoot & Seek

Gaggle Studios has dropped a new update for their social perception game, Goose Goose Duck. Apparently not satisfied sticking to fowls, the devs have introduced a new mode that involves owls. (I didn’t intend for that to rhyme when I started, but we’re just going to have to roll with it.)

The new mode, titled Hoot & Seek, has one player playing as an Owl that must blend in with NPCs in order to complete tasks. All the while, they’ll have to avoid Spotters and Snipers. Snipers, as you might guess, can shoot the Owl. However, while they can search for the owl using the targeting mode – which they can only use while standing still – chances are good that it will be the Spotters who will locate the owl using a scan ability. If the Owl is nearby, a green circle will appear. The Spotter can then communicate this to the Sniper. Just remember that the Owl can hear what’s being said.

As for the Owl, it blends in with the NPCs in the game. The player in this role will have several options to help them remain hidden. This includes disguise and transform abilities that will allow them to look like other players or targets. They can also pickpocket Snipers in order to complete more than one task at a time, use a blackout ability to reduce vision and randomize the cosmetics and positions of all players with a super reset ability. The last one may sound overpowered, but it has a long cooldown and is only intended to be used as a last resort.

The update also comes with role changes and the requisite bug fixes. These are detailed on the game’s Steam page.

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