Fractured Online Blog Post Offers Details On Seasons, Earning Points Helps Your Guild

Get ready to compete and earn goodies for yourself and your guild.

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Fractured Online Seasons

At this point in the video game timeline, seasons are a ubiquitous feature in online games. After all, they’re a good way to keep players active and interested – particularly when there’s a competitive component to the game in question. Even though players can technically avoid it, gamigo’s Fractured Online offers plenty of competition with PvP between the game’s various races, so it was only a matter of time until a season system was announced for the game.

Today, the developers posted an article on the game’s site introducing their version of Seasons to potential players. With a structure around the game’s competitive side, seasons will offer players rewards for completing in-game actions. The thing is, though, that these points won’t go to a private set of stats to earn the player rewards. Instead, players’ points will be included in a common pool with the rest of their guild earning them a reward at the end. Of course, that means that in order to take part in seasons, players will need to be part of a guild. Don’t worry. If you’d rather not go the guild route, there are still other activities you can do.

Players can earn points for their guild in a variety of ways. It all depends upon their playstyle. In fact, points can be earned by engaging in combat or gathering materials. Guilds as a whole will earn points on a daily basis just for owning cities. Of course, “just” probably doesn’t describe the amount of work that has to go into building and maintaining these cities.

When seasons end, rewards will be distributed. The most important of these are City Relics which provide unique buffs for the city. There are other rewards, of course, but that’s the big one.

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