Fractured Space

Edge Case Games has announced that its space battling game Fractured Space now has over 500,000 players in early access on Steam. In addition, the company has also procured some high-profile hires, including former new marketing director Martin Frain, formerly of EA Dice and Atari.

It’s a great milestone for the game and Edge Case, and it was no doubt helped immensely by the recent free weekend on Steam. COO Chris Mehers calls it “a huge step forward” and pledges to launch the game in full later this year. Right now, it has packs ranging in price from $9.99 to $69.97 in early access but will be free-to-play at launch.

Did you participate in the recent Fractured Space free weekend? If so, we’d love to hear your impressions of the game!

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  1. It will be pretty popular when it drops as F2P I am guessing, its pretty fun. By the time it does drop I think most bugs will be delt with. I think it is good enough to try, I bet you will enjoy it.

  2. This is all a BIG LIE … this game SUUUX… big time .. it is broken beyond any term .. servers sux .. balance sux .. this game is in alpha stage since 2014 and nothing changed since then .. oh maybe some added textures ..
    u saying 500.000 players haaa ha ha 300 -700 or so .. … i just wonder if the EDC had some contract with some investors and had to reach the mark of registers account on paper so they did a free weekend ..
    If they dont start doing something more and fast this game is DOA .. especially with DREADNOUGHT right the corner

    • DREADNOUGHT sucks absolutely sucks. It has very slow game play, and even the fastest JET is slow as hell… Atleast that was the case during alpha purge test…

  3. Guessing then mean created accounts because when ever I play the number of players never go over 800 in a day…

    If anything they where like me grabbed the game cuz it was a free weekend just to have the game…

    • No matter what is actually going on…it is an online game. Do you really believe all 500k would be actually playing at the same time you are. To boast the your view of 800 and less is evidence makes you look pretty full of yourself…because everyone obviously plays when you play, right?


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