Fractured Space is offering a special deal this weekend on Steam, offering a free trial to anyone who wants to give it a go. What makes this different from most Steam free trial weekends is that when the weekend is over, players who took part will be able to keep the game — for free.

The game will also receive an update bringing performance and gameplay enhancements intended to prepare it for final release. As part of the final preparations, the game’s Tech Tree will be reset to its final version and all ships, experience, and credits unlocked from here on out will carry over to the final game.

Fractured Space can be downloaded for free on Steam starting today.

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  1. The game is really fun and well put together considering it’s an early acces game.

    The Devs are very .. VERY.. community driven. Jump into a livestream and see for yourself.

    The gameplay is easy to pick up but a challenge to master, which is good because it caters to the casual gamer and the hardcore. The game looks nice and plays really smooth.

    Progression is based on a ‘tech-tree’ for (currently) 3 different industries. In order to earn access to more advanced ships you earn credits through playing any ship, but you also earn ‘industry’ experience that can only be spent in that specific tech tree, for example:

    I have a spaceship in industry 1 and want to advance to the nezt, so I play that ship until I have enough credits and experience to buy it, however I cannot use that experience to buy a ship from industry 2. I can use the credits however, because they can be spent across all tech trees.

    To the idiots above saying the game is ‘one-map pvp’… It actually has two game modes, but you obviously didn’t spend enough time in game to realise that. And yes, if you get it this weekend it is yours to keep !

    This games looks very promising. The Devs listen and have great plans for the future. I urge you to give it a go and watch a livestream, you will learn a lot ! 🙂

    P.S, no mindless carrying in this game, people actually work together ! Know your ship, how to play to its strengths and how to compliment your teammates abilites !

  2. I finally got to try this game and its not as good as I wanted it to be… Its not bad, but its not there quite yet and for as long as this game has been out I am noticing it will be a lot longer till it does get to that point.


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