BlackShot is dead! Long live BlackShot!

BlackShot: Revolution is the follow-up to Vertigo Games’ free-to-play, mercenary-based shooter BlackShot. It’s available for download now via the website and also has a Steam page with the promise of a launch in August.

A press release for Revolution says that it “fully emphasizes ‘play-to-win’, rather than the ‘pay-to-win’ attitude often found in similar free-to-play games” — which doesn’t include its previous incarnation, I’m sure. Other bullet-point features include a “replacement of weapon usage timers with new permanent items and playtime-focused ‘Durability’ system” and a redesigned UI and storefront, as well as a “Vastly expanded” character customization system.

If you’re a BlackShot player looking to hop into BlackShot: Revolution, you might also be eligible for a Veteran Supply Package, with goodies based on your service record in BlackShot. The requirements and rewards are spelled out on the website, which already makes BlackShot’s veteran rewards program better than Defiance 2050‘s.

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  1. PuddingBear on July 31, 2018

    The best FPS returns. Who needs graphics its all about fun and no bullshit.

  2. RenTheRose on July 29, 2018

    you know this website allows only non us downloads right? like this if for overseas people only

  3. Jafarson on July 27, 2018

    Why devs think that relaunch their trash with new kinda bada.s.s word will help it? its 2018, why we have to play game that looks like syphon filter from 1999?