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About the game:
Title: Blackshot
Status: Released Graphics: 3D
Developer: Vertigo Games
Publisher: Vertigo Games International

Blackshot is a free MMOFPS that pits players in a virtual war zone ready for fast-paced action. Powerful nations are competing for money and resources, and the players must step into the shoes of mercenaries and battle for glory and rewards. Use several powerful weapons in a variety of game modes including Team Death Match, Capture The Flag, Bomb Plant and PvE defense., enjoying explosive action that is adequate for gamers of all experience levels.

Choose from 4 mercenaries and personalize your mercenary to fit your unique style.

Explosive Features:

  • Fast-Paced Gameplay.
  • Distinct Game Modes.
  • Tactical Component.

Featured Video

System Requirements

Blackshot Minimum System Requirements:
OS: XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2000
Processor: Pentium 4 2.0 GHz
Memory Ram: 1GB
Hard Disk Space: 5 GB of free disk space
Video Card: GeForce 6800 GT / Radeon x800 GT

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  1. This game is shit. The servers lag . The GM’s and DSH’s are evil they kick good players and let their friends play the game. Don’t play this shit. Else you see your self how this game is. Its full of shitty people in the managment.

  2. No matter how many games have came over the last few years,people gonna find a way with cheat engine to create more cheats / hacks online so someday somehow developers will shutdown just like the always shutdown servers,but only few are appeal,not all ….and the game is gonna be unplayable itself after all,nothing is gonna be as it used to be,because of the idea,that some are just so noobs and dicks that like to pranks others over the internet,but some people who loved the game trully i dont speak about myself,i just right now start downloading that game but im very soon 100% that gonna be full of hackers in there…..For sure,how do i know that just like battefieldplay4free how is it possible a guy who is on rank 4???Know the map so well like noone else?Is impossible except if it plays the game before but how can he remember it after so many years or months days that have to touch it?Or How is possible know where you are before you even get there after you respawn you got shot,and you die,There all some explanations but most of them are excuses,because there all bitches over there gays,with balls only from inside this fake world but the outside which me the jungle you are nothing less then a pricks,that gonna get punch in there faces.

    • M8 if you’re crying about BF:P4F – let’s just say, that you’re noob and you don’t know some informations, like BF:P4F was have maps from BF2 – many players just know how to move in those maps and they just really fast adaptive to them. But if you think that there was a lot cheaters – you’re wrong. It was hard (for me) to find anyone, ’cause most of servers was private. On public servers – yeah, you can find some, ’cause usually there was no admins. Oh, and it’s not so hard to learn maps in 2-3 games and get some knowledge about usually enemy ways. :V If you can’t you’re propably will lost in any first supermarket. xD

  3. funny how people always seem to call every fps game a pay to win game …. it just cracks me up …. newsflash people NO ONE WANTS TO MAKE A GAME FOR FREE OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THEY GAME THEY MAKE !!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY WILL JUST MAKE A GAME OUT OF THE CLEAR BLUE SKY AND EVERYTHING IS FREE … if so you must not know how to make money

    • I hate when people say that … OMG THEY WANT TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THE GAME THEY MAKE OMGGGGGGG THATS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD do u really think they will make a game where everything is free!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!? … or another question would u let some ho bo have sex with ur girl (ho bo has aids) for free!?!?!?!?!?!? most likely not right … THEN WHY WOULD U THINK THEY WOULD MAKE EVERYTHING FREE IF THEY WORKED SO HARD TO MAKE IT!

      • PUI at least got limit de lor……i dun cash. i play and buy guns using hard earned BP points. ehh one match only 100 leh 20min ++ ONE GUN FOR 1 HOUR 1000 BP++ 1 HOUR LEH SIAO. I ADMIT I NUB OK? thats not all so many hackers and sheets …so many cashers i doubt that their cash guns can 3 or 4 shots to body can kill me alr. i use my MP5 take like 6 to 7 rounds to kill. furthermore so many laggy servers…..i use a good com and fibre network singtel somemore ( i dont pay for that my father does that and b4 some one flame me for being a 10 yo boy i wanna say that i am a 16yo ) i seriously hate the game.. it is true that they are actually making money off the game you PAY TO WIN. see all the pros on youtube they use cash guns. ever seen one using the unlimited free gun? OFC NOT…to end this i just wanna say ” PAY TO WIN”

  4. Its okay. Weapons that expire over time makes it even more thrilling. And the mvp systemis really great, but just 100 bp for mvp? Too low.. mvp should get more bp. Maps are mostly close range. More long range maos should be made.. overall, its a good game. Graphics doesnt really effect the gameplay and it all depends on your gaming skills. There are also beginner channels whaere noobs can play without being bullied to much by higher skilled players.

  5. This is basically a CS ripoff i mean.. Look at it and it doesnt make sense like a gun that has camo has more power than a gun without camo? And when you pay money for in game credits an buy something, it expires within the time limit. Even if you are not paying. Its eating away peoples money and people are too stupid to realise this is the only time i will say :”go and get COD” i mean people who play blackshot spend an estimated of $300 a year on garena shells getting overpowered guns tht dissapear after some time anyway

  6. blackshot is goooooddd!!!! i luv the game graphic like this… like soldier front 2 like battlefield 3 and make it too realistic. low graphic is my opinion of gaming!

  7. Lag.

    There you go. There’s my review. Seriously I’ve never played a shooter with worse lag than this. You can thank the location it’s hosted from. Also you can thank aeria games who, despite having been prepared to release blackshot for north america, prompted backed out and pretended like it never happened. Lastly, you can thank the peer-to-peer system. Whoever created peer-to-peer and thought it was GOOD for gaming needs to be shot.

  8. haha.Serve Those Who ARe Not In Asia And Can’t Play This Game!This Is TOTALLY FAIR Cause America Has Lot’s Of hackers=P

  9. so i played the games for 2 days so i could review it well here whats i got this game is exstremly skill dependent all weapons are balanced to a point even bought weapons seem well the same lvl of fire power as the normale weapon the graphics are horrible i mean bad like you can see each pixle in the out line bad the game play seems to be fast ro slow depending how you play the maps are mostly close range but are very eazy andf some of them seem to have come from other popular games after soem hands on time the gamplay seems fun for little while but could get old fast if you keep geting killed alot their not mutch to stop me from drop out of a match jest becuse i dont like it the weapons are good alot to pick from and balanced like i said but you get the feeling thatr their all kinda the same to a point my totle for this game is a soild 5/10 only for the good game play it can offer

  10. I’ve tried this FPS but I’m really negative impressed.
    I love FPS butthis one is very bad. It’s full of oneshot killers, there is a real problem of LAG and there are many cheaters (low levels who continuesly do headshots or kill with the first shot or that kill u while u’re covered). Sincerely I don’t suggest this game, however it is only my opinion and u are free to belive me or not.

  11. there is a NA version its a different gme alltogether though its called project blackout so search it up on google

  12. u know that this is just a VERY small part of the game? its not really a gameplay u should test the player vs player game^^ AWESOME ;D

    • First off, I wish to thank you within the selatlr as well as informative entry. I’ll need to acknowledge which usually, I havent heard relating to this info. We now have noticed a number of new information for cause. Many thanks a lot for giving this particular effective as well as fascinating info. We’re waiting around pertaining to additional thrilling posts due to you from the nearest long term.

  13. This game suks because of the graphics and you can only get a gun for 16 hours of less and all of the guns cost like hell.

    • Hate to tell you there buddy but graphics don’t make a game. And the buying guns for time is good because the time will only go down when you use that gun.

      • Sorry to tell you this Bailey, But Graphics do make the game, and this one just sucks. As well they have no sure fire way to keep hackers out, No In game staff, No one monitoring games. Yeah this game is pretty basic. You want a FPS Blacklight Retribution is pretty good if your comp can handle it.

        • Silly Lycaon.. If graphics make the game, then what is the case of the Mario Bro. series? The graphics is poor, but people still have fun with it til’ this day.

          • Mario bros made gaming I mean I have the first edition of the gameing rule book and it says and I quote “Mario Brothers was made the first game eva!” so in conculseion Mario bros made this a possible game.

        • Black light is one hell of a grind though not to mention you earn a little bit of money and have to slowly purchase parts for your gun or get 7 day prebuilt guns.

  14. It is good. The only thing that his holding it back from being amazing is the ping issue. Because there is no North American version yet. So we are stuck with this as of now. Lets just hope that there will be a NA version soon.

    • I doubt it. I was part of the CBT and CBT2 back when Outspark hosted and they pretty much said they weren’t going to publish it anymore. That doesn’t mean that an NA version won’t ever come out but it’s very unlikely at this point.


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