Reload Studios’ cartoony VR shooter World War Toons will be free-to-play when it launches later in 2016, and the developers took to Twitch recently to explain their motivations in a livestream.

You can see the full stream embedded at the bottom of this article, but the main reason given for the F2P implementation is to build a large enough player base so that matches can be found at any time of the day or night and matchmaking times are short. Long-term success of the game is also part of the decision, and it’s something that CEO James Chung had in mind for the game from the start:

“Free-to-play is not an afterthought. It’s something that you plan from the beginning. You know that it’s not going to pick up overnight. You’re committed to this.”

As for its exact monetization plans, Reload only would go as far to say that they would be “very explosive and colorful,” which sounds better than “pay to win.” Because nobody would be stupid enough to go that route, right?

World War Toons will launch later this year for PlayStation VR and other platforms.

Watch live video from WorldWarToons on

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  1. i bet they will got whit the buy to play faster steam only packs 20 buks then buy to play 15 buks then f2p pay to win

  2. PAY TO WIN!
    PAY TO WIN…..
    lol i can kind tell by all the diffrent items they where showing off box may not require keys but all the bonus things will probably be on store

  3. VR is a bit like getting a 3d flat screen t.v. to watch so called 3d movies, we’ll never use it because its a pain.
    VR is just that! a pain for your eyes.


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