Modding will be the heart and soul of Seconds From Silence, a new MMORPG developed by Abstract Era Entertainment using the Unreal Engine 4. The game has been developed with a heavy emphasis on player interaction and agency, with freeform character creation and class systems, and a desire from the developers to “make modding an entertaining and desirable activity.”

Drawing inspiration from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Abstract Era will provide players with the SFS Modder’s Toolkit, allowing them to develop custom assets. Those assets will only be viewable by the player who installs them, though they can request that other players also install the mods.

“The beauty of that is that this will allow players to create their very own unique culture and other players will be able to see it,” the developer said, while this system allows those who wish to play sneaky assassin-types to not be painted in a bright glowing outline — unless they want to, of course. A curation system is also in development, which will allow for mods to be added to the game as a whole.

As for the game itself, it’s built around the four pillars of development: Character Creation, Combat, Building, and Ruling. Set in a medieval fantasy world, players are free to pursue their ambitions, whether they want to be a thief or a king. Combat will be action-based, while crafting disciplines will level up as you practice those disciplines.

Seconds From Silence is currently in a pre-alpha state. You can visit the game’s website to learn more about it and get three months of premium membership when it launches.


    • Greetings Rickshaw,

      Each player will only see mods they choose to install on their client. If you don’t want to see those elements on your screen then you would not install them on your client. Likewise, if you do accept to install the mods that another player has installed in order to see their lands and characters as they intend them to look, you will also be able to revert any elements that you do not want to see on your screen and in doing so the appearance of the element will revert to the default models and textures.

      In short, if you don’t want those elements in your game, then you would just not install those mods and they won’t be. You will have the freedom to decide how you want your game to look.

      Abstract Era Entertainment


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