Frozen Flame Hits Early Access To Less Than Stellar Early Steam Reviews

Two big items of contention in the reviews are the combat system and having to rent servers from GPORTAL.

Michael Byrne
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Frozen Flame, the crowdfunded MMO from Dreamside Interactive, has officially released in early access and can be picked up on Steam for $25.49 (on sale) today.

The survival MMO tasks up to 4 co-op players with banding together and surviving a land filled with perils including the typical MMORPG tropes of dragons, evil magic, and an environment teeming with monsters. In typical survival fashion, you'll be exploring the world and gathering resources to craft gear, enhance your stronghold, and take on increasing challenges.

I said up to 4 co-op players... there's actually a way to play with up to 10, but it involves something that keeps coming up in the early "Mostly Negative" Steam reviews... and that's the requirement of renting private servers from GPORTAL and, according to allegations in some Steam reviews, the devs get a kickback from that partnership.

P.S. Combat is a recurring theme in these early reviews, as well.

On the content side of things for early access, the devs say they have about 8-20 hours of true gameplay through a campaign and through exploration of the world. However, their released roadmap promises more being added between now and February. These additions include holiday events, additional chapters for the main campaign, new bosses, new weapons, new island types, and more.

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dysnomia 1 year ago
I don't know what is wrong with these survival games. 4 players? For real.
After seeing that i asked for refund on Steam. I don't think i will try any of future "survival" games anymore.

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