The Reloaded Team has been putting in some overtime, working on some recent upgrades for their action based MMOTPS APB Reloaded. As elaborated upon in their development blog from Wednesday, they have been busy stripping out the custom-built APB engine systems within UE3 and making a transition to the 2013 version of the engine.

First plan of action is to get the updated engine working for the game as the game currently is. This means that straight out of the door, players might not see too much of a difference in regards to the visual aspect of the game. However, dynamic lighting, subsurface scattering, and other possibilities are in store for the future.

The team called the complex mechanics of updating the engine a “Pandora’s Box” of programming issues, emphasizing that there are variable and unpredictable issues keeping them from giving an ETA on when development will be completed.

A counter note from the team expressed some reassuring optimism, stating “However, the purpose of this information was not to dishearten you – we are still making good progress after all – rather it is to give you some context to help you understand why it is quite difficult for us to say exactly when we’ll be able to deliver it: but we will deliver it and once we do we’ll hopefully be able to expand APB in all sorts of interesting ways.”

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  1. Apb has real bad latency and fps issues but regarding being kicked they have sorted that out completely (only be kicked if you have a negative score, can request for captain etc.) and regarding the hackers the fair fight system has been banning alot , i mean alot of hackers lately so don’t comment if you haven’t played for years and don’t know the real status of the game. They are trying to make a comeback despite how futile people think it is.

  2. LoLs, the game is a blast so open to whatever you want, BUT…..saddly the down sides are far greater, poor managment, hackers, armas prices are F’in retarded, all new content is rehashed old content, GM’s? don’t say anything bad about them…lol that how you get banned and finally 1500 latency…yup thats right in Dec. i had 1500 latency, sorry but no matter how good a game is there is other stuff out there

  3. Meh, another attempt to bring dead game back to sun light? No thanks. APB is already dead, no matter what.
    Upradging their engine won’t help, since APB has already bad reputation, thanks to all these hackers. bugs, FPS problems, unbalanced matchmaking and overpriced P2W items (jokerbox etc.)
    They did not care about this game before and now they care? Nah, looks like some people are still so dumb that they don’t understand that you can’t change already completely rotten game.
    R.I.P APB, it would be better if they will shut this down.

  4. The game is great but the matchmaking needs fixing and the fps problem well after the new engine the game will be proper optimized and then they will work on the matchmaking cause now it sucks big unicorn balls.

  5. Till they get a decent way to stop all the stupid auto-aim wallhack crap and fix the damn thing’s performance issues, the game can stay in its shallow grave for all I care.

  6. I’ve played this game for a year and a half and quit because of the lack of banning cheaters, free to play players are treated like shit. Also the community that plays APB is terrible one of the worst communities out there.

    A few months ago I was told it changed so I decided to make a new account and start over as trainee. I was kicked over and over again from every match just because I was trainee and before the actual match begun. They didn’t even know if I was good or not, they didn’t care, this is why I say APB community is one of the worst or the worst.

    APB you should have stayed dead.

    • i hope it dies soon worst game company ever worst game community aswell

      there slogan is “GAMERSLAST thanks for the cash sucker”

  7. Every time i read another news about APB i remember about it and how much fun it was (sometimes), how awesome is the customization and how entertaining was even just to free roam around when not shooting others. And every time i read another news about it i feel i miss it and wanna go back to it.
    Then i read the comments and i remember why i quit. They are all right. When saying about a game that this game could have been amazingly fun, but it plain sucks, there is no better example that comes to mind other then APB. Read the previous comments. They are all right.
    Maybe in the nearby future we will get a game that will do good where APB did bad. I can only hope.

    • They need to bring back the old threat system and old shaders, muzzle flashes and HQ bloom and finish up asylum. The game is in worst condition then it was 3-4 years ago, that’s really sad. They killed the game when they remove the old threat system IMO. I swear that was the icing on the cake dawg.

      • you mean when all gold 10’s were hacking? lol yea that was really fun “sarcasm” or do you mean the hackers who used to drop rank so they get to stomp on noobs ? but i guess that still happens

        • They still do that now, even worse now. 200+ bronzes or 200+ golds in bronze districts. I was talking about the whole system was fun, meaning to progress to something, like a goal. Also it was harder to become GOLD in a way, most people who are GOLD now shouldn’t even be GOLD. It just felt fun trying to get to a certain level and most of us miss that. But as always they never listen to us. Which is why half the players are gone

  8. the game still sucks filled with hackers you can even hack and get unbanned if you know a dev or have paid enough premiums/weapons and yes this has happened many times there was even video footage and screenshots taken of a person speaking to a dev who was in their clan who unbanned this person. this person has been banned 5 times and magically unbanned each time….and there are many others who get unbanned for spending real money.

    sounds like a good game? there are more hackers than legit players yet G1 dont care and only ban the hackers who use the free hacks .

    the subscription hacks G1 get a slice and ALL of the subscription hacks they ALWAYS go undetected check the subs hack forums if you dont believe me

    you can polish a turd all you want but in the end it is still a….. ?

  9. Lets hope one of the upgrades is the Anti-Cheat, currently it’s hackers vs hackers.. and GamerFirst don’t seem to give a flying **** about cheaters.. as long as they keep buying their “Pay to Rent” Weapons.. and overly priced “Pay to Win/Own” weapons..
    And I miss my CCG..

    • Well see here is the thing about that. They don’t care. That’s pretty obvious for the past 2 years. They had professional GM’s who would monitored the servers, watch players , talk with the community, hang out in social, and ban players who were hacking on sight, but those same gms’ and even devs were fired and laid off. They fired this one guy name G1blackbeard, who was the best GM, so yea they don’t care anymore, which is why you never see them in the game anymore. All you see are joker boxes, bug fixes and performance issues and broken promises and lies and ignores, and slow RTW content being release. Maybe if people weren’t so scared to say shit, they will listen. half the community is in denial about the game, trying to hang onto something which isn’t there anymore.

  10. The article is deceiving. Read the blog page and you will see why.
    This game will be shut down within the past 2 years, maybe sooner. Most players are hanging onto the game because of the in depth customization, but if you look past that, you have nothing but hackers , same 2 maps, one map that has been around since 2010 that is still not finish, downgraded graphics, yes the graphics has been downgraded , meaning the game look better back in 2010-2011. Joker boxes, arams up the ass, lack of GM’s, professional ones. The only thing saving this game is the customization, period.

    When they bring back HQ bloom i will be back, but i doubt it will ever come back. The community is in denial, i feel you , because i use to be that way after RTW was shutdown. Another thing, they’re talking about this engine upgrade, the final version won’t be fully out until maybe summer of 2014, and you talk about faster content coming out lol, what content, RTW stuff? sure. If they can’t even post blogs on time or finish up asylum after 4 years, there will be no new content coming out faster. The bottom line here folks, in my honest opinion, this game will be shut down again, because it doesn’t look like its going anywhere. Take off those thick ass shades and see the game on what it is, look at it now. 50% of the player base has left the game, only the fools are hanging on.

    I’m kinda glad i gave up playing this game 4 months ago, hard decision, but the right one.

    Watch dogs, Mercenary ops online and Dizzel is coming, look forward to them and also play Crime Craft, because unlike with APB, CC has everything APB is catching up with.

    • GTA 5 pc release will probably be the final nail in the coffin. I think that’s why G1 is being so vocal about their claimed performance overhaul, they’re trying to bailout the sinking ship imo.

      • GTA 5 for the console are already out, and well IMO the game sucks anyways, so did 4,. But GTA 5 for the PC isn’t going to kill APB because GTA 5 customization sucks ass, even with mods its never going to be on the same level of APB. I don’t think any game is going to kill APB unless another game comes out with it with the same level of customization. But seeing how about 50% of the player base from when this game went live on steam has already left within a year , i think people are just going to get tired of the game, because the content is lacking. Only the players mostly rtw vets will hang on.

        Crime craft IMO is way better than APB, customization is not as good, but overall the game puts APB in the ground, mostly because of all the amount of content. But nevertheless, Watch dogs, Dizzel and mercenary ops online is coming, so looks like i wont be going back to APB anyway, apb needs more content , and it doesnt seem like its never going to happen. If they bring back the old threat system and HQ bloom it will bring alot of players back, but they’re too stupid to listen to that. , thus more players will end up leaving.

        The engine upgrade isn’t going to do anything, but reading that latest blog isn’t telling us what is on the list to be release once they do it. They coudl at least tell us what they have plan. ugh, ah well.

        • Isn’t Mercenary Ops dead? I’ve played the turkish version a while back and it’s a pretty good game. Would be good if it would release in EU.

          Anyway, what I really think APB needs next to all the bug fixes and hacker cleansing shit is territory war. A game that boasts so much about war between cops and crims kinda disappoints when there isn’t territory control in it.

  11. core Problem is that APB is running on a heavily tweaked and old UE engine. Thats an issue for nearly all the problems the game has. Server, network code etc. So bringing the Engine up to something more easy to control and deal with, is the base for taking care of these Issues.

    Lets hope the best

    • They have been dealing with performance issues for the past 3 years man, they’re backtracking because they have no idea how to manage the game. They need to sell the game to someone with money and bigger resources.

      • That’s totally incorrect. They’ve been actively working on the engine upgrade for the last couple of years which you would know if you followed the dev blog posts. The engine upgrade is a HUGE undertaking and requires a lot of man power and time. The engine upgrade is going to make literally every single other aspect of the game better by an order of magnitude.


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