Ironsight, a futuristic shooter set in 2025, entered open beta today in North America and Europe. Featuring more than 100 weapons, drones, and more, the game pits players against each other in an ongoing conflict over the last natural resources on Earth. The game offers players ten different maps to compete on, as well as a variety of both PvP and PvE missions ranging from search and destroy to team deathmatch. There’s even a PvE tutorial to get everyone started.

Strategy will be key in Ironsight, with players making use of drones, cluster bombs, and even mechs to get the job done. In addition, players can specialize in their game play.

To get in on the beta action, you’ll simply need to head over to the Ironsight page and download the client. Ironsight is not currently available on Steam, but you can check out our First Look video while you’re downloading!

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  1. very origianl game -_- super awsome \never seen this gameplay before game mods plant the bomb team deathmatch and more ohh but …. the story OMG wow super awsome rusia vs the rest of the world….. china incoming….. ofc…… very original they all have such ,,,,,,,,,,,, long lives ……. getting shut down after 1 or 2 years… because the only way to keep them alive is making them pay to win for the little 12 years old cash cows to be awsome and get players “REKT” ….. why they keep recycleing CS …. beats me… cant wait the crapy f2p Fortnite and PUBG clones in coming in the next years…… its the new “moba” cancer now. :)) and the degenartes that pay for them and incourage devs to keep copyng the big dog game not to be original….. its the players fault ….. the gaming sucks because of us… 😀

  2. It’s a huge disappointment. Netcode could use some improvements, TTK should be lowered, you need 3-4 head shots to kill (wtf!?), you have to waste gold repairing your hard earned permanent weapons (yes, it’s one of those games) and on top of that you can (read: should) waste more gold buying timed bullets (damage increase) for weapons and of course timed grenades. Also apparently weapons with skins cost even more to repair.

    Basically it’s one of those “spend all your gold on repairs, grenades and bullets so it takes forever to make enough for permanent weapons so you’re more motivated to buy them with real cash” games.

    I’ll give it another chance or two because I was so hyped about it, but my impression of it so far has been pretty negative.

  3. Been playing for a while A few things to clear up:
    1) It is not a future shooter theme. It is a classic shooter theme. You are soldiers in typical warehouses, beach sides, docks, using typical weapons found in all other shooters like AVA, CoD, etc. They have a few perks hidden as “future” like grenade robots that mimic the sound of soldiers feet to trick enemy…but that’s not like … future tech, it’s a game gimick that messes with sound file to give ap aying edge…ahem…any ways.

    2) Optimization is good, but only on certain settings. I have a top of the line rig, and this game runs my machine’s fans when in windowed mode. I can run anything else in window mode without issues (inclduing BDO) on top settings. This game not optimized for it, so I am forced to do a full screen. In windowed, if you don’t force a certain resolution, it gets a little fuzzy as well. In full screen, any resolution works (I run highest).
    3) It’s a typical shooter, run chaotically, he who has faster ip and better gun wins. A lot of sketchy kills from and sketchy hit box. 90% of the game is just frantic run and gun. This “strategy” game play is a lie in the article. YOu can even be a solo warrior, break up from the stratigic group and frag an entire team. The “Strategy will be key in Ironsight, with players making use of drones, cluster bombs, and even mechs to get the job done.” ummm no. The drone strikes ./ bombs / mechs are perks that build up over game play like in Call of Duty air strike. They unlock on average ONE PER ROUND, it is so slow to charge that half the time you forget you even have them or round over before they are fully usable. It is not a strategic edge either, it is just a perk that still requires you run around like a chicken with head cut off.
    4) The shop is sketchy as well, better bullet upgrades, lots of “6 day” items and long grind means you will be under powered to better cash players until you grind out your guns.


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