The vehicular mayhem starts soon! Gaijin Entertainment has announced closed beta signups for Crossout, but if you want guaranteed access, you can buy one of three early access packs for the game — because that’s how things work these days.

Each of the packs has a colorful name — Born to Fly, Midgar, and The Tramp — and come with guaranteed beta access and the usual variety of in-game goodies, including a vehicle, weapon, character portrait, and paint cans to customize your vehicles’ looks. Born to Fly costs $19.99 and offers the unique fast vehicle “Iron Claw” and 1300 coins for in-game purchases. Midgar goes for $29.99 and grants the unique heavy vehicle “Fenrir” and 2,000 coins. Buying The Tramp for $49.99 gets you the unique heavily armored vehicle “The Tramp” (of course) and 3,500 coins.

The full closed beta announcement can be found here. If you’re not looking to shell out right now, you can just sign up for the closed beta on the Crossout web site and hope for the best. Good luck and may your aim be true!

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  1. ignoring all the hate jest the thought of a new twisted metal style game with a player base make me slightly wet ‘///.///’


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