With all the holiday festivities underway, no one seemed to notice Gaijin Entertainment quietly streaming the WarThunder Ground Forces closed beta. During the nearly hour long stream, Gaijin developers gave eager players their first glimpses of WarThunder’s tank combat while shedding some light on exactly how tanks and planes will interact in Ground Forces.

There were a few key points which stood out during the stream the largest of which dealt with how planes and tanks will interact in the new expansion. As it stands now, it is incredibly easy to spot and destroy NPC tanks in the air only game modes present. In Ground Forces, players will have the opportunity to engage in a separate game mode which provides players the option of choosing to pilot a combination of planes and tanks.

To make it more difficult on fighters, enemy tanks won’t be marked, instead they will need to rely on their tank comrades to relay information regarding the enemies location. In practice this means fighters must fly closer to the ground in order to get a clear line of sight on their target, making it easier for the tank to respond in time.

The maps themselves are similar in size to the original WarThunder maps, but most of the action seems to be concentrated in a specific area of the map. Reportedly, this is to allow the tank action to remain centralized while still giving those in the air room to maneuver. Likewise, overall team sizes seem to be similar to how they are currently, which may disappoint those hoping for expanded action. However this should all be taken with a grain of salt given the fact the game is still in early closed beta and Gaijin may have yet to implement larger teams for testing purposes.

Finally, it’s important to note that all gameplay which occurred during the livestream took place in WarThunder’s arcade mode, which significantly eases the games difficulty for both ground and air.

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  1. I haven’t played any of their titles yet, tho seeing as they plan on merging I guess all 3, land, air and sea it would be quite the interesting game, tho as it stands the tank game play reminds me of “World Of Tanks” tho I highly doubt they can be blamed for that as anything after WoT might be called a clone like games after WoW.

    Really would enjoy tho trying it out some time, the Arty on here and Arty on WoT are not the same at least since you have less of a chance hitting someone and you have to call in the attack and not actually can you just sit back and peg people off, umm… well game looks a lot more real from when I played WoT so they have that down and I like how you can hit individual parts.

    I guess I can’t say much on this without playing it but yeah we shall see how that goes I guess.

  2. Went to check the site for news yesterday on the off and read they’d temp lifted the nda, so had a look at some vids that were upped by players.

    Hopefully they’ll get in a lot more tanks / nations by live, I’ll definitely give it a shot, looks good so far.

  3. Seems to be coming along pretty nicely. I stopped playing this a while ago, but adding tanks to the game just sounds too damn good, i might have to give this another try.


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