Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming has a new update that adds a new system to the game as well as addressing several bugs in the initial launch and adding a few more general improvements. The primary new addition is the “Awakening” system, which appears to grant various bonuses to some commanders as they level up. There’s also a new daily event to be found in the “Benefits” section, offering rewards to the royal lords and ladies of the realm.

The rest of the improvements in this update are the sort of things you tend to see for new games: improved matchmaking, better chances of rare drops, UI tweaks, and so on. Bug fixes are also pretty standard, but you’ll be glad to know you can now properly rename a lord or lady with spaces in their name. So if you’re embarrassed that you named someone “Lord Butt Monkey,” you can change it — to “Lord Butt Monkey II,” probably.


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