With En Masse Entertainment ending its run as TERA‘s publisher, Krafton and Bluehole Studio needed a new partner to bring the game to its American audiences on PCs. As it turns out, that’s going to be the same partner that’s been providing service to players in most of the rest of the Western world.

Gameforge will be taking over publishing duties for the PC version of TERA in the Americas, having already served in that role in Europe since 2012 and more recently in Russia, Southeast Asia, and CIS territories. Players will have nearly two months, from Oct. 22 to Dec. 18, to migrate their accounts over from En Masse Entertainment, and the servers are set to go live in early November. Doing so early will net you an in-game gift.

New Gameforge players in the Americas will also gain access to TERA Battle Arena, a new team-based PvP mode that has an “alternative version of the true TERA action combat” and takes place on a map with various objectives.

You can learn more about this new chapter in TERA on its new Gameforge site (FAQ for NA players can be found here) and you can also check out TERA Battle Arena on its Gameforge site.



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