It’s never too late to add a once-burgeoning but now oversaturated game mode to your MMORPG. That’s probably what My.Games thought regarding Skyforge‘s battle royale mode, and now we’re getting a MOBA mode in TERA. Yay?

TERA Battle Arena will be a “team-play” mode in the game that pits the heroes of Arborea against each other using pre-selected kits. The map has objectives players can fight over that will grant them various advantages in battle, and, of course, TERA’s action-combat skills are at the forefront, requiring careful maneuvers and planning to execute your attacks and make sure you don’t get ganked like that poor sap at the 10-second mark of the video.

Some final notes about this new mode: It will only be available for the GameForge-published version of TERA for Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States. Also, GameForge is abbreviating the mode as “TBA,” with further details coming later — in other words, TBA news is TBA. You can learn more about TERA Battle Arena, including its lore, on the GameForge TERA site.

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    • Wasn’t there something similar in L2 already? 😀
      I remember there was a minigame you could play any time. Anyway Tera was handled horribly and now they add something no one asked and devs aren’t experienced in. Guess good time to reuse those assets.


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