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We don't generally cover apps or mobile gaming here on MMOBomb, but we do realize that a large number of you MMOBombers out there love your mobile games. Today, we are very excited to introduce the GamerPower app (currently in beta for Android users with an iOS version coming really soon.)

Join Beta Access

Produced by Digiwalls Media, the parent company of our very own MMOBomb, GamerPower gives you access to TONS of giveaways, free DLC, early access to upcoming mobile games, drawings, and any other mobile game goodies we can get our hands on and we need YOU to help us finish off the testing. You heard that right! We're giving free access to an app that then gives you even MORE freebies for your favorite mobile titles!

It's that easy! Check out the app here, download it and get started! You may even find entire GAMES for free! Let us know what you think and be sure to tell your friends!

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Nixhogg 6 years ago
I'll gave this app a chance. Seems nice anyway..

Spik 6 years ago
looking good, ill wait for the IOS version, sadly i only use IOS

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