Gamers Can Watch The "Remastered" E3 2023’s Digital Week Beginning June 11

The event will feature several online showcases.

QuintLyn Bowers
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E3 2023

E3 is still a bit off, but that just means you have plenty of time to put it on your calendar and be ready for it. As is the tradition now, fans will be able to catch a portion of the expo online via the Digital Showcase. The showcase is slated to begin Sunday, June 11, and will feature all the things we’ve come to expect – such as the PC Gaming Show and Future Games Show. Players can also expect to catch panels from Guerilla Collective and Black Voices in Gaming, among others. The "Big 3" aren't going to be in attendance though as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are all opting out this year in favor of their own showcases.

This year’s event is being organized by ReedPop. Many will be familiar with the organization from other gaming events like PAX. ReedPop is billing this as a “remastered E3”, calling it “the cultural touchstone for the game industry and its fans”. We’re not really sure about all that, but depending on what the devs have to show, it is another way to find out about new games or get more information on the games we already know about. Either way, those wanting to watch can keep track of the details via the E3 site.

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