It’s been a while since we got news regarding Games of Glory here on MMOBomb — over three years, to be exact. The MOBA-like, top-down shooter launched during a time when it was difficult for such titles to gain traction, and it looks like it didn’t, as developer Lightbulb Crew has announced that the game will be shutting down next month.

The Games of Glory servers will go dark on March 26. In the meantime, developer Lightbulb Crew is making every character in the game free, so if you’re still playing and wanted to try someone new out — or if you didn’t play because you couldn’t access a cool-looking character — now’s your (brief) chance.

As for what’s next for the dev team, Lightbulb Crew said it has “new projects on the way.” Its follow-up game, pay-to-play Othercide, has positive reviews on Steam and the team is hiring for a Junior Unity 3D/Unreal Programmer. You can keep up with Lightbulb’s future developments by signing up for its newsletter by checking out the full shutdown announcement on the Games of Glory Steam page.


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