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About the game:
Title: Games of Glory
Status: Closed Graphics: 3D
Genre: MOBA
Developer: Lightbulb Crew
Publisher: Lightbulb Crew

Mixing strategy with sports, Lightbulb Crew’s Games of Glory is a uniquely themed MOBA that cuts to the chase and puts emphasis on fast-moving action combat. In the future, gladitorial games are broadcast throughout the universe to entertain the masses. Teams of five face off in the arena for honor, riches, and, of course, glory.

The heroes themselves are called clones — they do die a lot, after all — many with a strong Nordic feel and names like Byorn, Ragnar, and Jorndyr. Each brings its own abilities to the arena, as well as having the pick of over 50 weapons, with everything from daggers to rocket launchers. Players tweak their builds to produce the most effective fighters, and there are alternate skins and hats for purchase, to further add to the customization options.

Battles in the arena can take multiple forms, themed around the concept of professional sports. There’s a “Protect the VIP” mode, where players have to keep their “superstar” player alive while trying to take out their opponent’s, and players can represent their own sports club to further enhance its prestige. Attacks are manually aimed, so there’s no simple “click to target” functionality, requiring that extra bit of skill to prevail in the arena.

Explosive Features:

  • Skill-Based Targeting
  • Protect The Superstar Game Mode
  • Sports Theme

Featured Video

System Requirements

Games of Glory Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP+
Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
Memory Ram: 2GB
Hard Disk Space: At least 3GB of free Space
Video Card: dx9 (shader model 2.0)

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