With Knights of the Frozen Throne launching just a couple of weeks ago, Blizzard didn’t have any major new content reveals for Hearthstone at Gamescom. What it did have was the first animated video for its free-to-play CCG, as well as briefly mentioning a feature that will be coming to Hearthstone’s Fireside Gatherings.

In terms of gameplay, players at Gamescom have been taking part in the first Fireside Brawl, taking turns whittling down the Lich King himself. The boss starts with a ridiculous one million health and took down 10,000 players before finally being defeated at the show. This special brawl will apparently be available at future Fireside Gatherings for Hearthstone; Hearthhead has more information on how it will work.

On the lighter side, Blizzard revealed a new video and a new character in the Hearthstone universe. Her name is Ava and, after finding her way to the ubiquitous tavern, she makes some friends, some enemies, and has a rousing time playing Hearthstone. It’s the first in what Blizzard promises will be a series of new videos and comics featuring Ava and the tavern’s wacky denizens.

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