Gamescom 2018: New End-Game Content Revealed For SoulWorker


In just a little under two weeks (on September 6) Gameforge and developer Lion Games will be releasing new end-game content for their anime-style MMO SoulWorker. The update will add eight new dungeons to the game, as well as an all-new hub city — Grasscover Camp. Of course, a new city means new NPCs and quests as well.

Oh, yes… It will also include a level cap increase from 55 to 60.

The update was first revealed this past week during Gamescom in Cologne. In addition to the content listed above, the developers also announced a new class advancement for Haru Estia that includes six new skills, a secondary weapon, and a new outfit. To cap things off, the developers also informed players that they intend to roll out continuous updates to the game, including new content every month.


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