Marvel Heroes ANAD

Over the weekend, Gazillion entertained gamers at New York Comic Con with news of the next iteration of its Marvel Heroes MMORPG franchise, Marvel Heroes 2016, coming this December. That’s almost 2016, so close enough, right?

Among the new features being implemented in the December update include controller support, leaderboards, Steam achievements, and various visual updates. Content-wise, players can look forward to a new Secret Invasion story chapter and continued focus on the Marvel “All-New All-Different” comics initiative. A new Thanos raid and Savage Land patrol zone are in the works for release in later months. Also, the beta Mac version of the game will see a full release.

Gazillion’s always been one of the better companies out there when it comes to adding content and making changes to their game, and it’s nice to see that that trend will continue into 2016.

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  1. Lawdy lawdy people have opinions that aren’t super positive and they may not have their lips glued to gazillion’s arsehole–that means we MUST spam downvote on them! LAWDY LAWDY!

  2. We’re too stupid to realize it’s the same game but just renamed and we’ll lap it up like good dogs! We love when game developers try to deceive us with crappy naming conventions in an excuse to dodge well-deserved bad scores and try to fool us as if we’re total idiots! Oh wait..we are! Hurr durp!

  3. This is one of the best ARPG out and its based around marvel, this game will always be well populated for that reason alone. I don’t play this game every day, but sometimes I will play it for weeks at a time and level up a hero or check out a new raid. The character selection is amazing and they are constantly adding more. 2 thumbs up

  4. Nobody here has really played the game here, because wht i see from reading the comments here they dont know anything about MH, Paywall??? whole game can be played f2p dont have to buy anything except for maybe some stash tabs (And in almost mmo i have played this is an option and always a problem). The name chage is because te game was very bad at the beginning and they changed it so they could get a new metacritic score (And this is very smart because the score gets higher every year, because they improved the game so much in 2 years time), And about gazillion not listening to criticism is not true, I have been on the forum and on the subreddit for almost 2 years now and we complain a lot (I mean a LOT!) and we always get nice response from gaz so before you guys post anything you should know what the game is all about. And btw so hyped for MH 2016! :D:D

  5. maybe every game should just add the new year to the games name every year and make it seem like a whole new game , it seems gamers are dumb enough to buy into it . morons .
    btw i have never seen an mmo with more pay walls EVER as marvel heroes has .

    • I personally don’t play the game, but I have tested it some time ago.

      Every “Pay” item also drops from monsters. All the heroes can be unlocked through monster drops.

      Do you know what Paywalls are?

  6. Among the worst arpg games out there. The game doesnt deserve any more attention at this point and no Gazillion is not one of the better companies, they not only lack experience with mmo games but also are unable to take any criticism on their games. Go to their forums and try to point out any flaw of their game, they throw a tantrum and delete your post…. literally lol

    • Or you can accept that you don’t like the game and let the people whom do enjoy the game enjoy it?

      It’s not a game I play either, but just freaking play whatever the hell you are interested in and let other people do so as well.

      • If you don’t play it either, mayhaps you can give a rational explanation as to why you feel the need to not only post on it but also defend it?

        Hmm…closet player I’m sensing.


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