Genshin Impact really seems to love its events, and while we still have a little over four days left in the Gliding Challenge event, the “While It’s Warm” event is ready to kick off in two days. During this event, players will need to run deliveries for Sara at Good Hunter, Smiley Yanxiao at Wangshu Inn, and Chef Mao at Wanmin Restaurant in exchange for rewards and primogems.

But, it won’t be as simple as simply picking up food and carrying it to its destination. Players will have to meet specific criteria during these delivery runs — like avoiding gliding, climbing, or taking damage. In some, you won’t even be able to sprint. If you don’t meet these requirements, you’ll be left with spoiled food and have to start all over again.

The event is set to run for a week — from December 11 to December 18. During this time, players will need to complete three orders a day to earn priomgems. And, as with other recent events, event-related BP missions have are being added to go along with it.

Speaking of upcoming content, miHoYo announced via the Genshin Impact Twitter feed that a special 1.2 program will take place on YouTube December 11 at 8AM PST. Apparently they’ll be revealing some “juicy details” about the upcoming update during that time.

Finally, and some players probably aren’t going to be happy about this last bit, if you’re one of the players who have voiced concerns about Zhongli’s performance since obtaining him, it seems the devs feel he’s more or less working as intended. miHoYo repsonded to player concerns via a post on the game’s forums noting that they’ve been following the situation closely and reviewing feedback on social media to see how people are using the character.

The post goes on to note that they’ve designed Zhongli as a support character and that his primary purpose is to use his abilities to protect the party. It explains the purpose behind both his core abilities and notes that “from a design standpoint” the features allow Zhongli to do what he’s supposed to do as a support character. They also note that based on data, he is improving survival capabilities. The post also notes that they did in fact find a bug affecting his Level 2 Constellation and are currently working on a fix.

If you’d like to read the full post, or add your thoughts to the conversation, it can be found on the game’s forums.

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