So what is MiHoYo doing with all that Genshin Impact money? Making a PlayStation 5 version of the game, that’s what. The developer made the announcement today, along with providing a shiny trailer video that showed off the game running on Sony’s new console in all its 4K glory.

To be exact, an email from MiHoYo promises “razor-sharp 4K resolution, enhanced in-game textures, and faster loading than ever.” That last part will reportedly lead to a “more seamless experience as they travel between the diverse and beautiful in-game environments.” Genshin Impact is currently available on PS4, PC, Android, and iOS devices.

There’s no date given for the Genshin Impact PS5 launch, apart from “soon this year.” Given how quickly MiHoYo has worked in the past, I’d expect it to be out by the end of Q3, about six months from now. And maybe it will re-spark conversations about loot boxes on consoles, which went mostly silent during the year of COVID-19, despite an auspicious deadline that was set by the major console makers the year prior.

In other Genshin news, the Contending Tides event runs from April 2-12, letting players take on a new challenge with three difficulty levels every day. The challenges are available to players Adventure Rank 20 and above and requires three tasks to be completed. Doing so will net you Primogems and other rewards. Learn more about the event on the Genshin Impact site.

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