Soon, we’ll stop using easy jokes like “Genshin Impact is making an impact,” but only once the game’s fortunes have leveled off a bit. That’s not happening just yet, though, as the free-to-play RPG has raked in an astounding quarter of a billion dollars in its first month on mobile devices alone. That’s a lot of gacha boxes.

According to mobile data analyst Sensor Tower (and reported by the South China Morning Post), miHoYo’s hit game accumulated $82 million in China, $50 million in Japan, and $45 million in the United States in its first 30 days. In total, the game brought in $245 million over that period, and that doesn’t even include money made from console or PC versions of the game, which would push the total even higher.

It’s an amazing total for a game by a new developer, but one that’s not without some controversy. The game’s reliance on loot box, or “gacha,” mechanics has raised the eyebrows of more than a few people, and one has to wonder how long it will be before Genshin Impact draws the attention of various governments — including China — that have been cracking down on similar systems. Until that happens, though, expect miHoYo’s fortunes to continue rising.

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