As we all know, there’s a lot of new content coming to Genshin Impact when Version 2.0 hits next week. So it’s probably a little ridiculous that I’m as excited about the Serenitea Pot gardening system as I am. But, honestly, this is going to be so handy.

Last night, miHoYo dropped a post in the HoYoLab forums detailing how the gardening system would work. As with all things, it requires players to complete a quest to gain access to it — in this case “The Art of Horticulture”. To access this quest, players are going to need to hit Reputation Level 3 in Inazuma and obtain the Naku Weed from Madarame Hyakubei. (Since the reputation system was implemented after most of us had already completed a lot of content in Mondstadt and Liyue, I’m not really sure how long that will take. But I can’t imagine it will be too long.)

Completing “The Art of Horticulture” quest will earn players a Seed Dispensary gadget from Madame Ping which can then be used to gather seeds from various plants that can then be used to plant gardens in the teapot. Of course, you’ll have to spend some real currency on plots to plant the seeds in — which means you’re going to need to have room for them. But, considering how often some of these plants are used in cooking, leveling, and other areas and now much of a pain they can be to gather, it’s going to be worth the space and effort.

As with most games where gardening is involved, there is a wait for plants to progress from seed to plant. Based on miHoYo’s post, it looks like there’s about a 3 day wait.

There’s another bit of good news teapot-wise as well. Based on the images, it looks like we’ll be able to purchase waypoints at the same time the gardening plots become available. That should make things easier. It’s also worth pointing out that once you’ve collected a certain seed, they become available to purchase in the realm depot as well.

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