Today, Riot Games released Legends of Runeterra‘s Guardians of the Ancient expansion into the wild. The new update not only adds 42 more cards to the game, but also three new champions, the new Blade Dance keyword, challenges, and more.

The new keyword is tied to one of the new champions: Irelia, The Blade Dancer. Cards featuring the Blade Dance keyword will summon blades that immediately initiate a free attack against the player’s opponent. An interesting feature of Blade Dance is that Attack Tokens are not involved in this happening.

The new challenges and region updates aren’t heavily detailed in the expansion post. We do know that the challenges have been added to accommodate the new keyword and Landmark synergies. As for the region road updates, Shurima, Targon, and Ionia all now feature four more levels to go along with the new champions.

Of course, the expansion also introduces card updates intended to rebalance things. Mostly the update focuses on the Nasus Thresh decks which have been consistently ticking over the ideal win and play rates for the game.

Finally, there are some new personalization items to pick up. The Time Temple board and a couple of cute new guardians await alongside a new card back, emotes, and icons.

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