Get A Look At Combat in Jandisoft’s Mad World Before The Next Alpha Test

Four videos highlight melee, long-range, magic, and party combat.

QuintLyn Bowers
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Mad World Combat Trailers

The third alpha test for Jandisoft’s HTML5-based MMO Mad World begins in a week on October 25. It’s still a bit of a wait for those who are interested in participating, but Jandisoft has something for everyone to check out in the meantime. The company has provided four combat videos for players to peruse. Three are already live and, of course, we’ve included all of them below. The fourth will premiere on YouTube later today.

If you’re not familiar with Mad World, it’s an isometric MMO set in a world where humans struggle to survive after civilization is destroyed and the devil takes over. The game’s story is told in chapters, with boss fights featuring monsters based on Cthulhu mythology. Since the game is HTML5-based, it supports cross-platform, allowing players to play simultaneously on PC and mobile devices, without the need to install a client.

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