In just a little over a week, Q returns to Star Trek Online with his own special brand of holiday fun. Suprisingly for the entity, Q’s Winter Wonderland is a fairly festive affair with things like Klingon ice fishing, races, and other activities. (There’s is the requisite chaos, of course.)

Of course, there are also rewards, like the T6 Fek’ihri Gok’tad Carrier. And, each of the activities will reward players with Holiday Ornaments as currency to trade in for different rewards, like a glowy, purple Bat’leth or the traditional ugly sweater. You can even get Q’s ostentatious 21st century judge chair or a Saint Bernard with rescue keg.

The event kicks off on all platforms December 8 and lasts until January 7.

As for Neverwinter, a 2x Underdark Campaign Currency event is currently under way. It’s been going for a few days now, but doesn’t end until December 3rd, so there still some time to take advantage of it.


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