Get Ready To Reap With Lost Ark’s Update Tomorrow, Patch Notes Now Up

The Reaper Advanced Class arrives tomorrow.

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Lost Ark Reaper

Tomorrow, Lost Ark’s “Feast with Friends” update will launch – following approximately four hours of downtime (hopefully). When it does, it will introduce the game’s next Advanced Class, the Reaper, and an appropriate new weapon. There will also be new progression events, log-in rewards, and more.

The Reaper is the game’s third Assassin Advanced Class. As you’d expect from something typically known for taking souls from the living, Reapers are stealthy. As for their weapons, it’s more than just scythes. The reapers make use of daggers as well as other tools while summoning clones intended to distract their opponent. This makes them a deadly combination.

As for the rest of the update, players who complete the quest “Berver’s Friend” during the upcoming progression event will receive a Punika Powerpass via in-game mail. This pass will allow players to immediately bring an alt up to the same level, provided it is used before January 18, 2023. Everything else consists of the general quality of life adjustments and other general updates. The full list of changes can be found on the Lost Ark site.

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