As Xbox Beta Starts, Get Your Own Brotrip Car With The Return Of The Final Fantasy XIV x FFXV Crossover Event

The limited time event includes several rewards.

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FFXIV X FFXV Crossover

If you missed your chance to take part in the Final Fantasy XV crossover event titled "A Nocturne For Heroes" in Final Fantasy XIV, now you haven’t. The MMORPG's event is returning on February 28, at which time you’ll either be able to pick up the quest for the first time or complete anything you may not have done before.

To take part in the event and earn your four-seater car, you’ll need to have at least one of your jobs to level 50 and visit Kipih Jakkya in Ul’dah at the Steps of Nald. Depending on whether you did the event or not before – and where you left off – you may need to pay attention to what quest you’re picking up. There are three quests in total in the event, so check your journal to see what you’ve done before. To make sure you pick up the correct quest, you can also check against the information on the event page.

If you’ve completed the event before, you can do it again via the Seasonal Replay feature. Note that you can’t receive the rewards again.

On an additional note, the XIV Xbox beta has kicked off. As noted before – but we feel like it warrants saying again – the devs ask that existing players not create accounts for the beta. We can’t transfer the data, so other than just curiosity, there’s no point. In the meantime, a bunch of videos intended to help new players get up and running in the game have been shared on the Xbox YouTube account. It begins with a Final Fantasy XIV Online in 1 Minute video and also includes the Starter Guide Series that came out a while back.

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