Now this is an interesting development. Nexon announced today that they have entered into an agreement with Kodansha Ltd. to develop and publish games based on the Ghost in the Shell series.

The agreement gives Nexon the rights to create a series of games based around several of the Ghost in the Shell series including Ghost in the Shell: STAND ALONE COMPLEX, Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C 2nd GIG and Ghost in the Shell: Solid State Society Series.

No other details are available at this time.

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  1. nexon is a, excuse this b*tch cause they can’t really do anything without the approval over the bigger company in asia, and by the time it takes them to get an approval, it takes even more time to carry it out.

  2. nexon isnt so bad not sure if its different but im from europe nexon and they mostly give events that give out cash items on all games like the kitty coupons at vindictus that were now having hat gives us cash items and permanent costumes

  3. seriously? Nexon isn’t bad at all, all you guys are acting like they mess up games all the time.
    If someone gave me any evidence of Nexon being bad that’d be great.

    • LMAO, go post this on the forums or look through all the forum threads and you’ll find a gigantic size of the population has a problem with Nexon. They screw up patches constantly, they sit on content that’s ready to implement until certain cash item sales go down, all kinds of things. Guess you don’t check the forums much or keep up with maintenances or anything like that

      • Sorry internet Guru but they aren’t wizards, i’ve seen WAY worse. They screw up patches sometimes yeah, but is it really that big a deal when you get a great game? They sit on content because it’s a smart money making move, remember this ain’t a charity. If they released it all at once everyone would just like it alot for a bit and then get bored.


    WHY? Ç__Ç

    Why must such an awesome history have a game made by Nexon? Why Nexon? This is a sad day.

  5. hmmm the ghost in the shell series is famous for its characters and the coplex philosophical dialogs which include topics like the origin of human mind, the Cartesian dualism and things like Simulacrum ( especially in the stand alone coplex ). I think, the best way to make a game out of it, is to make an adventure.

  6. why….why…..why….I was shocked at first when I read “Ghost in the Shell Games to be Developed ” and then I saw IT! Why does nexon have to mess everything up? I absolutely hate that company…such greedy bastards!! I guess I can either hope something goes wrong and they fail to launch the games indefinitely or no one plays it due to ?????? and it is sold to someone else to run things… The best and insane idea being Nexon actually does things right and doesn’t turn it into a cash hog…

    • right, cause Nexon is the only company that asks for cash, ALL THEIR GAMES ARE F2P with a cash shop. How do you expect a company as big as Nexon to survive without actually earning anything. All their games aren’t pay to win, and most of them are great.

        • Maybe Combat arms and sudden attack but all shooting mmos do that. Most MMOs make the cash shop rent to use anyways, ganging up on Nexon is a little dumb when GPotato and other companies just like it do the same.

  7. Looks so cool.. I wish it’s an action open world PvEPvP mmorpg and that you can create your own PC and also not gender locked….

      • First of all, Ghost in the shell didn’t have such a great legacy. Secondly, Nexon is a great company that everyone hates because they have a cash shop, like all F2P games out there, if people didn’t jump in the band wagon of hate so much everyone would like them more.

        • People don’t hate nexon cause of their cash shop. We actually love that. ITs their terrible customer service, their terrible workers, terrible GM’s. Basically their a terrible company. The japanese Nexon is great. Thy American company is completely trash. They may be nice people but they dont know shit.

          I’ve tried to deal with nexons shit for years upon years. There is just no end of the disappointment they give out.

          • i’ve never had to deal with customer service so maybe that’s why i like them but i honestly can’t hate them, i like Mabinogi and other great games that nexon gives us.


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