Gloria Victis’ most recent weekly update is live on the servers, bringing with it 20+ new events. A variety of fixes and changes have been implemented; some making the game world feel more alive. These changes include ally unit support during events, improved NPC behavior, and more.

Gameplay-wise, the developers have added the first version of events with Brandon and Ragi, improved synchronization between player characters and NPC, enlarged small animals, and more.

The full list of changes in this update can be found on the Gloria Victis site.

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  1. I liked the game till there stupid patch made it so I can’t log in FOR THE PAST 2 MONTHS AND NO ONE WILL HELP. none of there little fixes dont work and I have re downloaded 3 times. Horrible support for people who have spread paid . I have asked for help 6 times and this has effected many players.

  2. They are so long in development that i`m probably in majority here and have lost all interest in game, and i`m sure when game will be publicly available combat will feel like from 2012 too… They are taking too long, i`m saying that not because i`m dying to play game, but my experience with games in long development they will feel old when will launch… example? cabal2 🙁

  3. They started to develop this game in February 2012. Its October 2016 now and on the website they wrote they are still in their Pre-Alpha stage. Close to 5 years of development and its still didn’t manage to make it to alpha. I guess this game will either die before it hits public beta or will fail so hard when it gets released because its way to old.

    They said it will be a free to play game but they keep asking for money since 2013. Remember ghost in a shell? They asked for money for an early access for so long. Then hits the public beta and gets downvoted to oblivion. I belive this is just another game which dies in development because it takes way to long.

    Why do you even go public when you still take many years to finish this game? Collecting some money so the many years of development got at least some cash?

    All I see here is a developer who asks for money to make a game. There is a pre-alpha for since 2013 and nothing happening.

    Check their site. They asking for $20 – $2000:
    You can become a tester through financial support. Financial support is what we need most.

    So you pay them money to do their job? Pay money to test a bugged unfinished pre-alpha game? Nice!

    This is a great idea. Anyone want to do my work and pay me for it?

    Prince lawnmower: Mow my lawn? You will only have pay $15
    Prince toilet cleaner: Clean my toilet for. Pay $20
    Duke car washer: Wash my car. Pay $50
    Grand duke pc masterrace: Buy me a new computer. Pay $2000

    This is very limited for the next 20 years. Hurry up. Got many other tasks. Just let me know how much you want to pay for doing my work.

    • Really 2012? Wow then I retract my earlier comment I made. But some of the pledges aren’t worth it I say 150 dollars is probably the best one they got. Anything above 150 dollars is for the hardcore fans and the guys who wants a landmark in the game and wants to help with the development as a investor.

      • Check their indiedb site. Oldest coment I saw was from Mar 7 2012.

        On reddit:
        “I regularly log in and find the US servers basically empty. Which leads to no pvp and boring fights with NPCs. What can we do to get more players for this game? ”

        The game died in development. It will take them some time to get to alpha. Then will take aother years to get to beta and a few more to release the game.
        Almost 5 years from begin of 2012 to end of 2016 and still pre-alpha. Expect the same time for theother stages and you will have at least another 10 years. So by 2026 you will be able to play this game which will be 10 years old then if you are lucky.


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