Gloria Victis Introduces New Siege Preparation, Announces Season End And Server Merge

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Gloria Victis End of Season 2023

Gloria Victis has announced the end of the current season will be August 30th, with a new season beginning August 31st. On the final day of the MMORPG's season, it will not be possible to earn or lose Nation Points and the scoreboards will be frozen. The 30th will be your last chance to turn in any Nation Points you may have as Guild Points, as they will be reset on the 31st.

Also happening on August 31st is the merging of the Legacy and New Beginning servers in Gloria Victis. During the process, everything that players have on the Legacy server will be merged into New Beginnings. An FAQ is on the way.

There's a change coming to Siege Preparation, with a system coming that will change the way and approach of how players siege loot zone castles. It's very similar to the old Guild Castle Tokening System, with the only difference being that after a successful Siege Preparation, players can siege a castle immediately instead of waiting 24 hours. And instead of killing enemy guards, players have to build a Siege Camp. You can check out the full details on Siege Camps in the official Gloria Victis blog post.

Additional quality-of-life improvements include no cooldown on fast travel if you travel to a loot-zone location owned by your guild, and in the next update, the flags on the map in loot zone locations will display a Guild Banner to let players know which guild owns it.

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