If you missed the early days of Ragnarok Online, now’s your chance to experience the game (almost) exactly like it was when it first launched. Gravity Interactive lauched Ragnarok RE:START, a modified progression server, on Steam this week.

Before you worry about the modified part taking away from the experience, don’t. The developers simply elected to include certain conveniences, such as improved social features, achievements, and the like.

For more information on Ragnarok RE:START — or to get started playing — you can check out the game’s Steam page here. If you’d rather not go the Steam route, the game client has been available via its official site for a few weeks now.

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  1. The game is full of bots, the map is literally 200px, bad translations, control scheme way too clunky.
    This was from 2002 right? They had 15 years to fix some of the crap that was in here and they didn’t, hey they even advertised the premium in the first ten minutes in a ‘quest’

    (I get it, vets will like this? But why? Egh.)

    Ragnarok:Restart I’ll just put you back on the shelf carefully, with the rest of your dying game ‘^ ‘

  2. The only problem I found with Re:Start, is that the areas have hardly any mobs to kill, unlike the normal RO, where they increased spawns significantly. You might have trouble with how busy the server is, with players (and potentially bots) farming areas. Still, if you don’t mind and just want to play some (near) original RO, then it’s not such a big deal.
    Personally, I’ve just gotten used to where the spawns are on RO. Going back to the early days? I can’t remember where anything is lol. And the Wiki is for iRO, so it’s of no use whatsoever.


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