When someone asks you if you’re a god, Ray, you say, “Not yet, but I will be if I play Skyforge.”

That’s the promise of My.com/Allods Team/Obsidian Entertainment’s upcoming MMO Skyforge, in which players can become gods and fight for the planet of Aelion, forsaken by the god Aeli and subject to the ravages of alien invaders. Today, a wild trailer appeared, showing off the game world and, unlike many trailers, giving some insight into gameplay.

According to the trailer, “A planetwide system displays the prayers for help from the planet’s mortals” — which looks like a form of a dynamic event system with rapid response capabilities. And, since Skyforge promises millions of players on a single server, these responses could be truly massive. If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Apparently everyone.

If you ain’t afraid of no beasts, you can sign up for the Skyforge beta on the game’s site.


    • Not exactly. At the beginning of the game you are just an immortal among hundreds of thousands of other immortals. To become a god (one of the very few) and keep being a god you have to meet certain requirements. I’m a fraid it’s more of a “OMG it’s pay to (win) become a god” kind of problem rather than “everyone can be a god so no one really is”.

      • Well that’s rather awful..but on another note;

        I find it equally baffling that there’s be so many immortal people? By definition an immortal cannot die..so that brings another problem up; how does one fail(and die) in combat if one is immortal–and thus cannot die? Are they seriously gonna play the ‘Oh you just fall asleep instead of die b/c you’re immortalz” card? Y’see, this is why Lost Odyssey was so stupid. Immortality is an awful plot device because it prevents the ultimate failure.

        • I don’t see a problem here. In majority of modern MMORPGs player characters are essentially immortal anyway. Besides, there can be different ways to discribe immortality. For example, in TES series “demons” (Daedra) are immortal, but not invulnerable. If one of them is defeated in combat, he gets reborn in the “demon realm” (Oblivion). I’d say it actually makes more sence than what you can see in most MMOs.


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