It’s that time again. Once again, the heroes of Neverwinter must face the Challenge of the Gods in hopes of walking away with special rewards. Ten different deities each have a different challenge for players to face, ranging from donating to Stronghold coffers to completing specific feats while in combat.

These challenges are open to players level 10 or higher who are slaying monsters within seven levels of where they’re at. Killing a monster under these conditions may result in a special drop that upon being picked up kicks off one of the available challenges. Completing the challenges will earn players the Gift of the Gods, a lockbox containing several useful items and cosmetic gear.

Players also have the opportunity to receive an even bigger lockbox, the Blessed Gift of the Gods, containing everything the Gift of the Gods has and more. In order to get their hands on this, players will need to accept a daily quest from The Speaker of Ao, tasking them with completing five of the gods’ challenges. (Or, if they’re feeling lazy, they can just pick some up from the Zen Market for 100 zen each.)

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