Space strategy fans, this is your time. This week, the Epic Games Store is offering indie developer Massive Damage Inc.’s retro space strategy RPG Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander to players for free. The company is offering the Lightspeed Edition, which includes most of the additional content released since the game launched in 2016 as well as optimizations like the updated officer progression system, enhanced combat, and a UI overhaul.

The additional content includes four updates: Combat & Customization, Diplomatic Diversions, Loot’em Up, and Morale Booster.

For comparison purposes, Halcyon 6: Lightspeed Edition normally runs $15, and is the same price on Steam. However, Steam also offers it in a bundle with the original version of the game for a little under $22. As for additional DLC, you can purchase the game’s soundtrack, the Lightspeed Edition Artbook, or the Precursor Legacy now, all of which run $5 or less.



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