If you’re looking for something cheap to do with friends and family during the holidays, the Epic Games Store may have you covered. Earlier today, the store updated its free game offering to Towerfall Ascension, an up-to-4-player local party game featuring 50 Versus arenas and a total of 120 unique maps. Oh yes… and you’re all archers.

Like most competitive games, TowerFall Ascension includes a variety of powerups and ways to customize matches. Starting out there are four archers to choose from, but four more can be unlocked later on.

Unlike a lot of free EGS offering TowerFall Ascension actually comes with an expansion as part of the deal. The Dark World Expansion adds four new battlegrounds, including a ghost ship. The expansion also includes a level creation tool, giving players even more options for ways to play.

Generally, the game runs $20 — which isn’t terrible for multiplayer fun — but it’s always better if you can grab something for free. That said, you’ll want to keep in mind that the EGS is doing some special winter sale-related stuff right now and as a result, rather than having a full week to grab the game, you have a day before the next offering is made available and this one disappears. Oh! And we have no idea what the next available game will be, but it will only be free for a day as well. So… Have fun keeping track of that.

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  1. I might be a moron, but i can’t stand pixel graphics in 2019…there are lots of games with cartoonish graphics, like “Indivisible”, that are retro in gameplay but with modern, yet simplistic, graphics.


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