“Lose your mind. Eat your crew. Die.” Sounds like fine selling points to me. This is the very brief description of Failbetter Games’ Sunless Sea, a horror game set in Gothic London. Players take on the role of Captain on a steam ship, on a voyage filled with danger — apparently most of it from the crew. It’s no wonder, really, because instead of hiring based on who might actually be the best person for the job, you’re apparently looking for those with the best stories to tell. Who wouldn’t expect that crew to decend into madness while fighting off giant crabs and sentient icebergs?

A unique feature of Sunless Sea is that the player’s captain is guaranteed to die. (So at least you don’t have to feel bad about it.) That’s okay, though, because each captain can pass on resources to the next, and all that hard work won’t be for nothing.

Sunless Sea is free until March 4, at which time players will have to throw $19 down to get it. Currently, the EGS is also offering the Zubamariner Expansion pack for $11. This pack allows players to explore the depths of the sea as well. If you’re interested in the game, but would rather grab it on Steam, they actually have a few more options including a bundle featuring another of Failbetter Games’ offering, Sunless Skies. It will run you a bit over $40, though.

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