If you’re a fan of side-scrolling brawlers and have yet to try KOG Games action-brawler Grand Chase now may be the perfect time to do so. The publisher just announced the start of the MMO’s 5th Season which brings about the largest set of changes Grand Chase has seen since its inception. We’re talking a more streamlined World Map, fluid quest progression, redesigned dungeons and smarter AI to start with. Check out the trailer above for a few glimpses of the changes intercut with some slashy CGI.

Perhaps one of the most immediately noticeable changes has to do with how new players obtain any of Grand Chase’s 19 playable characters. In the past players would need to unlock each through difficult quests or purchase them outright through the shop. Now, all new players get four character slots and can choose from any of the characters from the beginning for free. Current players will need to purchase a slot for any new character, but can then freely select one from the full roster.

A large amount of effort has gone into streamlining the dungeons in Grand Chase starting with the level and platform layouts being reworked while mob types and numbers are randomized. Dungeon mobs and bosses are now stronger too, thanks to their improved ai and greater damage output, which -coupled with the new randomization- will hopefully provide a greater consistent challenge for players. Since mobs now deal extra damage, players have also had their character’s damage re-balanced to better fit the new dungeon difficulty.

Other improvements include a new dodge skill and a new boss-rush dungeon mode called Dimension’s Door which functions like your typical tower dungeon with waves of increasingly difficult enemies and occasional boss fights thrown at you. In the future KOG Games intends to continue releasing further Season 5 updates in waves with additional dungeons and a focus on improving PvP in Grand Chase.

A full recap of all the changes and additions coming in Season 5 can be found on the official Grand Chase Season 5 page here.

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  1. don’t forget the community is pretty bad since most people in that game will start complaining hell on wheel in the pvp room telling you can not play elesis or lire or amre or rin or any other character or there job version on different classes. very low population due to the character separation coming out people didn’t like it so more player on what left of the playerbase has went down even futher down the hole. elsword is fun to play but it is totally not worth it since it has a stamina system which is just a Korean grind fest game to make you do less stuff inside the game and hinder your gameplay on the character but pvp is not limited which is backward and totally mess up on that game.

  2. I started playing when Lass first came out, I immediately did everything to unlock him. I used to play this when i was like 8 this and Trickster Online(Lion:CyberHunter). Lol being a kid was easy you had like whole days to either play MMOs or play outside(did both)

    • so… mechrojay u was 8 and being a kid was easy blablabla well ur just 13 year old right now so ur still a lil tiny kid LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL OWNED!

  3. Sidescrollers are great..but something about Grand Chase never agreed with me. I think it’s the art style..flat backgrounds but the models are angled in a way that makes everything look awkward. Surprised this is still alive, tbh since Dragon Saga is a tad superior of a game, especially since it offers a full world instead of instances.

    • i belive the company has a strict IP BLOCK all over the world besides NA ,hmm about elsword elsword its quite nice but it has another big issue and thats the stupid stamina/fatigue system, they never remove it so u can play it but its gonna be limited.

  4. I played this game a long time ago…It was fun back then since you could’ve get some shet for free…Right now nothing…
    Just download Elsword and chill…

  5. LOL only 4? used to be a bunch of free to play champs then you had to go through missions to get others or pay cash lol all they did was take away a couple of free slots and take away any chance of unlocking others with missions enjoy paying a shit ton of cash to have all champs

    • You get two less character slots but you still had to use one slot per champion before so it hasn’t changed much, still not worth playing if they haven’t removed the gear from the shop. Game became pay to win just like elsword long ago.

      • Elsword p2w? 😀 How? The costume effects and the stuff there is just a minor boost to your char, in pvp, skill is what matters, speed and control, not gear, same as in dungeons, you jsut have to be aware of mechanics of your char and the boss.

        • If paying real money gives you a direct advantage over a player not paying real money (Increased stats) then it is P2W. Even wizardry was technically P2W and paying real real money only gave you a +1 to all attributes.

        • Unless something changed recently the gear you buy in the cash shop doe make a huge difference and is way stronger than what you can get otherwise at high levels, for a long time without paying those micro transactions there was no chance of being able to remain competitive. Same with Grand Chase but the armor makes a bigger difference.

        • Your example of what makes it not pay to win is the fact that combat is skill based, okay so two players of equal skill fighting in pvp, the added survivability from that cash shop equipment makes a drastic difference even if it only means they survive 4-5 more hits. That is all it takes to prevail.

      • you never had slots you just had to get champs by buying or grinding but now you HAVE to pay and its even worse because i payed lots of money for my ellian (Felt stupid afterwards but oh well) and now i cant use them on all new characters or ones i did not already own… this game has gone down hill with the changes mostly because you cant earn all the champs now you have to throw cash at them for it


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