Gamigo and Drago Entertainment will be sending the first players to survival training in the decimated world of Grimlands. This first step of beta testing will focus on technical details such as server stability, optimization of the network code and testing new features.

This first beta version of the shooter MMO Grimlands includes a dozen new dungeons full of post-apocalyptic adventure for groups of players. Weather effects cast dark shadows on the landscapes with dynamic clouds, rain showers and other weather events! The PhysX Engine allows the environment to react to external influences in a physically accurate manner. New vehicles consume gasoline and can be equipped with weapons and armoring.

The crafting system, which plays a key role in the player-controlled economy, has been given a complete overhaul. A variety of professions, such as weaponsmith, armorer or engineer, allows players to choose specializations. New and better building plans are unlocked by increasing one’s skill level.

All new features in Grimlands at a glance:

– PhysX physical engine implemented
– 12 new dungeons
– Complex weather system (dynamic clouds, rain and other weather patterns)
– Crafting system overhauled, new professions for specialization
– New vehicles with the PhysX physical engine
– Vehicles can cause damage
– Vehicles can be equipped with weapons and armoring
– Vehicles consume gasoline
– New graphics effects

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  1. Rly, I have been searching for sign up to this beta for a few months. Could find it. And now when it’s started … just omg.

  2. So so this being a “real” shooter mmorpg that means its not like fallen earth? Fallen earth was fun but it did not feel like a shooter at all.

  3. PhysX engine h? hope they’ll support CPU emulation so it will not be restrict to Nvidia users only. And it just me or the style reminds of Borderlands?

  4. So…. Hmm… Trailer seems nice, but this is still gamigo and I don’t expect much from them. Also, what’s wrong with these people? The idea basically contradicts itself becuase in an apocalyptic world the people will do everything to stay alive and will look for help from other people and group to survive not to kill each other…

    • Yes vanquish but like we have seen in things like movies, TV shows, and video games. People just want more stuff not more mouths to feed and supply’s to give out. Just because it is an Apocalypse doesn’t mean people are going to be any less greedy.

  5. The game looks awesome, I doubt I will get into the beta knowing my luck, tho I would love to hope I can make it in, would be fun and great to see what kind of world that Grimlands has in store for us.


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