During the course of the European press event “next-g 2012”, publisher gamigo and developer Drago Entertainment released a new trailer for the shooter MMORPG Grimlands. The trailer is made entirely of scenes from the current alpha version of the game. In addition to action-packed shoot-outs, Grimlands will also include a comprehensive crafting system, guild towns, vehicles and PvP content.

In Grimlands http://grimlands.gamigo.com/, MMO fans will experience role-playing fun in all its glory with action-packed shootouts in a post-apocalyptic world. Twenty years after devastating earthquakes lay the Earth to waste, humanity is fighting hard for its survival. Those cities that did not crumble in the quakes have been flattened in the bitter struggles for power that have ensued. Roving bands of marauders, mutants and psychopaths wander the streets. In this devastated world there is only one goal: survival!


  1. Dear Community,

    As you have all already noticed, our game servers, websites and forums are partially unreachable at the moment. We would like to explain to you what happened and what has been done on our side.

    There was an attack on the gamigo database in which user information, such as alias usernames and encrypted passwords were stolen. An excerpt from these was published in the gamigo forums.
    We detected the attack and are working to the utmost of our resources to repair the damage and determine how it happened.

    Your character data, including items, is safely stored on the backup! We cannot rule out that the intruder(s) is/are still in possession of additional personal data, although to date we have received no report of any fraudulent use.

    To prevent any unauthorized access to your account, we have reset all passwords for the gamigo account system and for all gamigo games!

    Please follow the following steps to recover access to your gamigo accounts and get back to playing again:

  2. yay another post apocaliptic shooter just what we needed after fallen earth went free to play.
    these days its either blocks or apocalips nothing else.


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