According to the internet, February is National Friendship Month (and yes, there’s a specific Friendship Day in February too), so it kinda makes sense that ArenaNet has decided to have a friendship-related event for Guild Wars 2 players. The idea is to celebrate all those connections players have made with each other — both within the game and without.

The company wants players to share their friendship/relationship stories on one of their social networks: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, whatever, so they can gather them into one big sappy collection of stories and share them on the GW2 site later this month. Players wanting their stories to appear on the site will need to use the hashtag #GW2FriendShips.

ArenaNet is also doing a bit of a giveaway alongside this. Those wanting to enter will just need to add another hashtag, #GW2Giveaway. Prizes include a discount code for For Fans By Fans swag or a commissioned portrait of two in-game characters. The fine print for all this can be perused on the Guild Wars 2 site.

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  1. Todoran on February 6, 2018

    Yeah FRIENDSHIPS all my buds cant even join my server because is full…. and no one can create new acounts and play there ,,,,,, nice played gw2 Arenat Net dosent give 2 f…ks about FRIENDSHIPS :)))))))

    • Insane on February 6, 2018

      Well said.

    • zero on February 6, 2018

      you realize you can do everything but wvw (which they are fixing) with people on different servers right?

      • Todoran on February 7, 2018

        they are fixing it since……. launch…. -_- WHO ABOUT FU KING NOOO??????!!!!!!! ??>>? are u working on or just plain dumb?

    • Nyion on February 7, 2018

      And servers will not matter soon. Every couple weeks players will be assigned to servers. You can join one guild and soon you will be on one server. But servers only makes sense with WvW