GW2 Heroes Vote

The original Guild Wars 2 release featured the heroes of Destiny’s Edge, five adventurers who boldly challenged a pair of elder dragons. Throughout Season 1 of the Living Story, we were introduced to a new cast of heroes, who took the leading role in Season 2 and took down another elder dragon. On their first try, even.

ArenaNet is offering players the chance to name this second group of heroes — Taimi, Rox, Braham, Marjory, Kasmeer, and Destiny’s Edge member Rytlock — in a poll. The choices (in English) are Dragon’s Watch, Eternity’s Guard, and The Unbroken. The winning name will be revealed when it’s put in the game, during the next season of the Living Story.

A blog post on the GW2 site details the promotion and includes a link to the poll itself. Sadly, “Heroes McHeroesface” is not an option.

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