No, it’s not an awards show for H1Z1… I can see how that would go: “And the best survival MMO goes to… H1Z1!” Not much surprise there.

Rather, the “Hizzies” is an awards show for fans of H1Z1, highlighting the best of the community and hosted by the devs. It’ll take place Monday, Feb. 23 at 4 p.m. Pacific on the H1Z1 Twitch channel. It’s probably too late to create something to knock the socks off the devs, but who knows? If you can get a sweet YouTube video out there, maybe you can win… something. Like a T-shirt you can tear up into scraps for bandages.

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  1. haw is H1Z1 p2w??? you on drugs??? nothing in this game thats p2w only thing you can buy is air drops that you need fight for there is not even sure u will get the loot cuz player gona kill you for it!.. its gambel..

  2. They been looking at Terra’s Bam news sorry guys ur way to late, you fired the game up as a P2W game atleast stand for it and tell us you only want the rich kids to play ur game.

  3. The Hizzie Awards, lmao, liking the name choice (on video says Hizzy instead of Hizzie, i guess their were undecided about that).
    Very cool idea. I like it when the devs do stuff like this. Last night Red5 to was saying on the livestream that for the Firefall art submissions their are gonna be designing a new unique warpaint and title and reward the winners (they mentioned something about “each month”, i didn’t really understand then if they are gonna do a new one each month or give rewards monthly, idk).
    It’s cool to see devs doing stuff like this.


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