H1Z1 Gets A Big Damn Patch

Jason Winter
By Jason Winter, News Editor Posted:

H1Z1 Dam Zombies

Those are Daybreak's words, not ours. The Big Damn Patch -- which, you'll have to admit, sounds cooler than "Patch 0.2651" -- features a new male character model, a revamped dam area (Big Dam Patch?), and a few smaller changes, including:

* A .380 caliber pistol
* Craftable workbenches that let you change one ammo type into another
* A revised Crude Map that makes it easier to find friends
* And an updated pickup truck interior -- no fuzzy dice, though, I'm afraid

You can see the full patch notes here. And you can keep an eye on what DGC's got planned for the rest of April's updates on their Roadmap. The April 9 update, for instance will add handcuffs and easier grouping, which sounds to me like quite the BDSM movie...

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Discussion (5)

Trool 8 years ago
no one force you to buy them tho.

IAceHD 8 years ago
I know most games die at one point,but the thing is every company makes games and 80% + all have in game purchases because they wont make profit,humans need to make profit lol.But a real scam is aeria games they do tiered spenders every couple of weeks and force you to spend 100+ dollars every time

Cloak 8 years ago
H1Z1 has picked up the same model that will gain them amounts of money. League of Legends has done it and Counter Strike: Go. Give idiots skins and they will surely buy them. Give them crates full of loot and they will buy them. Give them items they cannot open without a key and they will buy them. I honestly wish I had refunded this game when I had the chance. This is not a game its a place where stupid people that somehow have a infinity amount of cash to blow on stupid shit.

On another note. This game is going to be Planetside 3. Over sized in gigabytes and full of bugs with advertisement to support the game by buying SC. It will reach its peak and then it will crumble by poor development focused by greed which will no longer support the game and it will lay there to rot until the community dies and is full of people that won't last a year in the game due to game breaking bugs, unnecessary changes and no changes.

This game can have all the "Big Damn patches" but nothing will out weight their Big Damn Lie!

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