It’s been said for a while that H1Z1 is less a survival game and more of a closed-arena, duel-to-the-death game, owing to the relatively small population of players on survival servers as opposed to the hugely popular Battle Royale mode. Daybreak Game Company is looking to correct that with today’s update, which reduces the number of survival servers, thus consolidating the player population, while also making several other changes to the game.

Looking over the server list in the patch notes, there are still plenty of servers to choose from, and from my recent experiences, about 90% of the old ones were “low” during prime time hours, so we’ll see what effect this consolidation has. The reduction in server numbers should also help reduce loading times into Battle Royale.

In addition to the server consolidation, players can now trade up some of the items they receive from crates and a new vehicle, the ATV, has been added. Additionally, armor has been revamped, to better protect survivors at the cost of durability. Female zombies are also in the game now, as the H1Z1 virus apparently received a notice from HR about its discriminatory infection practices.

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  1. This must be the longest running close beta game I have ever seen, mostly because they want to milk it…

    No longer interested in this “game”


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